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Nature’s Blueprint and Spontaneity: Affects on Home Design

Written by: Marcy Strangis. 

One of my most favorite times of the year, a vibrant gift, is the beauty of the fall season. Listening to music in the car, feeling a sense of peace and wonder, a detour of indulgence takes place- a visit to one of the many local tree lined roads. Simply drive and take in the view that naturally and honestly speaks for itself. 

The saturation, hues of shades, variations from light to dark- oranges, yellows, browns, reds, greens, blues, purples- Creates an oasis of nature evolving authentically, with reason, purpose, survival while inspiring calmness and energy with its charming but magnetic pull that resonates beyond its environmental structure.

Nature has always been my happy place and throughout my life, without realizing, my go to for project influence. I often view it as a natural shopping experience. Leaves, branches, moss, stone, flowers, bark, acorns, pine cones, cotton, soil and sand to name a few, are all materials I have used in design projects throughout the years. The textures and colors, how age and weather plays a role in its appearance is endless. 

When designing for a home, the elements of the outdoors do have a great impact on its overall vision and appeal, one of those selections offers 100’s of possibilities- the paint color. The finish, shade, tone, texture, application- creative or simple- all play an important factor in the feeling of a space. What emotional feeling do you strive to capture? Do you want to emanate an energetic, soothed, focused, romantic or comforted atmosphere? 

A paint color takes time and strategic planning to accomplish, especially if moving heavy furniture around to accommodate the project. Whereas, changing out decor is more simple that will have just as a great effect or more in some cases. If you are planning to sell your home in a year or two, but want a bright red feature wall, it may be smart to hold off because of popularity with future homebuyers. Highlighting your walls with red hued curtains, artwork or accessories are short term options that can be utilized after the move, while saving the hours of time and primer it would take to neutralize the accent wall. Establishing a personal base plan, for current and future goals is very conducive for any home design alteration. 

As leaves continue to drift downwards this season, take it all in. You may notice on one single leaf- six different evolvements of color, diverse textures throughout as the edges crinkle inwards, water marks and discoloration staining its previously summer jovial composition. One leaf extending to the size of your palm, can showcase a boutique of creative possibility on your walls and home design this season. Let nature’s blueprint and spontaneity encapture you.