Shape Value To Your Ceilings With Flair And Personality

When home and business owners design a space, we typically strategize the wall color, accent textures and shades, furniture placement and functionality but keep the ceiling as is in its composition or the most common hue choice, white. It’s often an overlooked element but can have profound results when approached from a creative angle. There are so MANY ways to accentuate your ceiling to give it character, personality, dimension and conversational enthusiasm.

One of our favorite finishes is tree bark. This technique creates a pattern on the surface that mimics the look of natural tree bark, offering a natural and contemporary feeling. Two common ceiling textures that are being renovated for a newer fresh look are popcorn and stipple brush. Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 1900’s but often viewed as an outdated look in today’s construction. The mixture of compound and styrofoam balls helped to reduce sounds and echoes, which is one of its best attributes. Fast forward to the 1980’s, the go to ceiling pattern was stipple brush, one of the easiest and most common techniques still used today. Both are functional but tend to lack value and individualism to its surroundings. 

You can also be bold and choose a pop of color for your ceiling. Gray ceilings tend to pair well with neutral wall colors like white and metallic ceilings provide an amazing pop of shine in commercial settings if you want to evoke a vivid statement. Stripes and patterns look great in creative spaces that strategize for uniqueness and design intrigue.

If interested in implementing a current approach to all angles of the room’s ambience, we can share options that would be enriching with cost consideration.