A Professional Job By A Company That Cares

Typically, commercial painting varies from residential because the focus is more function based and less aesthetic. Depending on the type of business, like a restaurant or boutique, you may want to add some creative flair to draw in customer appeal for the overall experience. Many business owners are excited to create soothing, fun or inspired environments for their employees in everyday office spaces based off of paint selections. 

Paint choices in business actually can produce or reduce productivity based on the hue and saturation. It has effects on your mood and behavior with different levels of intensity. Let’s take a look at the Wright Theory for a moment, it’s good stuff!

Blue = Mind: Blue stimulates the mind, supporting productivity and focus. 

Red = Body: Red produces urgency and promotes action, alarming. 

Yellow= Emotion: Great for creative environments, lifts up spirits, creates happy endorphins and innovation.

Green = Balance: Translates to calmness and reassurance, great for financial institutions and soothing energy. 

Secondary Colors: When mixing two primary colors together, a secondary color is created that embodies the two.

Orange, being a mixture of red and yellow, is a mixture of the brightness from yellow and passion from red, also said to increase blood supply in your brain.

Light purple is a soothing but purposeful tone that the beauty world tends to lean to because of association with the power of red and mind stimulation of blue. 

It’s easy to say, let’s pick one color for this 14,000 square foot building and in many cases, that’s all it needs to get updated and in great condition. It’s smart to be aware of research and education on coloring for commercial painting based on your goals for the space, potential customer, client and employee satisfaction, productivity and safety. During the complimentary quote, we will ask questions to get a sense of what is priority, what your business aspirations are and the value you want to generate from the application. 

Safety paint is pivotal in commercial settings. Logistic managers are faced with safety protocols to keep their employees, products, vendors and customers safe and efficient in their work environment. Colors and placement of safety paint are designed to stand out, decreasing the chances of injury thus improving the overall comfortability and productivity levels of the facilities operation. In all the ways, the investment, hands down, will be one of the smartest avenues for a commercial owner focused on all around performance. 

If you are looking for a non toxic or VOC free paint, we have options to support a healthier approach to your painting selections. What is VOC? Volatile Organic Compound- harmful chemicals that release gasses into the air and the environment, which is now regulated by the government. Some side effects of exposure to VOC can include- headaches, fatigue, dizziness, allergic skin reactions, central nervous system, liver and kidney damage, nausea, and nose and throat discomfort.

Benefits for low or VOC free paint- they cover effectively, dry at a great rate, have a lower odor and less impact on the air quality, are easier to clean with soap and water compared to other paints, have a quality finish for wear and tear overtime, non yellowing, can adhere to many surfaces, great at covering flaws and reduce allergy-causing toxins. There are a variety of brands to select from that offer chemically safer options including: Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Benjamin Moore, AFM Safecoat, Clare Paint, Green Planet Paints, Magnolia Paint and Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company to name a few. 

There will be communication for the project timeline and execution based on hours of operation while keeping it simple with one point of contact for consistency and dependability. Key points to consider for commercial painting will embody office appearance, productivity, safety, durability, employee creativity and sense of value. 

Before the service begins, if drywall patchwork needs done, ceilings requiring repair work, new trim to be installed, or support with overall space design to compliment the painting, we can make sure your project is taken care of from all angles. If you are curious to explore how paint could transform your business, let’s set up the free quote to support what is possible.