Originating In Venice, Italy, Highlight Your Space With This Opulent Method.

This application has a very classy and luxurious texture featuring dimension and movement. There are different technique types to consider depending on expense and preference. The authentic approach is composed of several layers of plaster made from powdered or ground marble or limestone. When executed beautifully, whether its synthetic or authentic lime Venitian plaster, it will have a natural look of stone or marble. The colors can be tinted to your preference and come in an array of shades, you can even mix and match colors for a more customized look. 

Some popular choices are:

-Whites & Neutrals
-Earthy Tones
-Blues & Greens
-Magentas & Rust

It’s recommended to trowel at least two coats to get the desired effect but a third coat tops it off for a more high-end flawless finish. The last coat is a sealant that polishes and seals in the texture and paint. When applied correctly, this application is made to last your lifetime and generations after- It’s said to withstand 400 years!

You can showcase this natural beauty residentially and commercially. It’s easy to clean and can disguise scratches in commuted areas because of its dimension, texture and tolerant makeup. When choosing which areas to plaster, consider- functionality, style, surrounding patterns to avoid clashing, emotional appeal and overall purpose. Not only is it tasteful but can also be very practical in upkeep.

Pizza, pasta, wine, art and fashion are some of Italy’s most celebrated and popular creations. In the architecture and design arena, Venitian Plaster has grounded its appeal globally since its creation. Lime plaster is one of the oldest building materials known to humankind with evidence of its usage 9,500 years ago! When taking a tour of Italy, on a designer’s roadmap, the favored and historically respected destination leads to Venitian plaster. If you are compelled or curious to make this a stop on your project’s tour, we can definitely dive in with recommendations influenced by this nation’s artistic environment of origination.