The Innovative Element That Generates A Statement.

Compelled for an alternative to wallpaper or wall decals that offers a multitude of styles, textures and creative possibility? Wall stencils may be the perfect finish you are looking for! Not only is it economical, depending on your vision and project, it can leave more money in your wallet while showcasing a fun and stylistic statement that highlights your personality.

Wallpaper and decals can be limited in coloring and can add up quickly in cost, not to mention the application is also a time consuming process where you may experience peeling and side effects that give it the appearance of being unfinished. Stenciling allows you to mix and match any possible tone that interests you. You can go outside the box and experiment with furniture and even flooring solutions.

It often has the look of wallpaper! When the birch tree stenciling project was complete, it was a showpiece to talk about. It’s featured at the entryway of a home and guests mentioned how they couldn’t believe it was done with a stencil and LOVED the texture. (Check out our gallery to view the project! Click here)

It’s also great camouflage for any imperfections or paint upkeep that you may experience after time. It can hide well loved dirty handprints (depending on coloring and pattern), marks caused from traveling through narrow spaces or everyday wear and tear. Smudges tend to be camouflaged when on patterned backdrops.

Many websites are now offering a vast market of styles for stenciling including- contemporary, modern, farmhouse, glamorous, nature inspired, patterned, geometric, moraccan, nursery, floral, wall tile themed and much more. Former stenciling featured small and basic designs primarily for crafting but now has expanded and is widely utilized for home design. 

What we do is gather more information about your goals, style and vision for a stenciling project. The aim is to compliment your space, decor and furniture while showing off an element that sparks artistic happiness in that setting.