Let Us Bring Your Furniture Back To Life

“Out with the old, in with the new!” Such an iconic phrase, once we break it down, oh the possibilities are endless!

Do you have furniture that you are on the fence about selling, putting on the curb or donating? Take a step back and ask yourself the reasons why. Is it actionable? Does the color or finish flicker a negative response within you? Have you seen a specific style on a home improvement show that you are inspired by and want to shift to? Do you still have a need for it? Is it falling apart? 

Let’s envision this piece of furniture as a blank canvas. Imagine it’s still in the design process and you get to hand pick its potential. If the bones are good, it may very well be a keeper. We often get caught up staring at the coloring and imperfections, old knobs that may have broken, a drawer slide off track. With artistic love, paint or stain, we can breathe new life into something that has lost connection within ourselves.

It’s also A LOT of FUN to upgrade to something new especially if it meets more of our needs in terms of functionality so we ask ourselves, what do we do with this old dresser set? Maybe let’s design a storage unit, tool organizer, garden accessory storage center, bookshelves, entryway table, bathroom vanity, kitchen island or buffet, tv stand, bench with cushions, dog food station, desk, craft table, stylish serving bar or a tiered planter to grow herbs and florals in throughout the spring and summer? You can utilize what you have and give it the conversion that inspires new performance and purpose.

If you are looking for a fresh look or value for a furniture piece and have ideas you want to explore, we can definitely share our knowledge, experience and recommendations to best support the project goals.